Donald Trump Memes: UK Crime

Donald Trump Memes Uk Crime 2017

Donald Trump: “Just our report: “United Kingdom crime rise 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror”. Not good, we must keep America safe!”
Peter Thal Larsen: “Reminder: More people died in the Las Vegas shooting than in UK terror attacks this decade.”


Political Meme of the Day: Tony Benn Quote on Monarchy

Tony Benn Quote British Monarchy

“The existence of a hereditary monarchy helps to prop up all the privilege and patronage that corrupts our society; that is why the crown is seen as being of such importance to those who run the country – or enjoy privileges it affords” – Tony Benn. British Politician and Social Activist (1925-2014).

This meme was created by Republic, a group based in the UK that opposes the undemocratic Monarchy in favour of a true republic. You can find out more about the work Republic do here.