When You Bring Your Own Bags Meme

When you bring your own bag to the supermarket meme

When you bring your own bag to the supermarket…


Helen Clark: Climate Change and Development Quote

Helen Clark Climate Change Quote

Climate Change – Cause & Effect.
“…don’t treat climate and environmental energy issues as something that’s completely separate from poverty reduction and millennium development goals. If you totally undermine the very basis of life on the one planet we’ve got to live on, then we’ll never have sustainable development.” – Helen Clark, Chief Administrator of the UNDP.

It’s Time to Resist: Flood Wall Street Meme

Time to Resist Flood Wall Street Meme

Our greatest hope in tackling climate change lies in a mass movement committed to doing whatever it takes to counter the foot-dragging by world leaders. In two days, thousands of people will hit the streets of New York in the largest climate demonstration in history. But we cannot stop there. The following day, we will return to the streets to participate in non-violent civil disobedience against Wall Street. It’s time the institutions responsible for climate chaos feel the crashing waves. It’s time to resist. It’s time to Flood Wall Street!